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Rwandan Physicians and Medical Students Join IOWD Surgical Outreach Program


We are very proud to announce that our colleagues, Dr. Victor Mivumbi, Dr. Ramses Ramazani and Dr. Sadoscar Hakizimana have successfully passed their final Residency exams and are now, officially, Obstetrician/ Gynecologist Specialists. Dr. George Kabeja, another wonderful Rwandan doctor, has entered the Obstetric/Gynecology Residency program. All four doctors have shown fantastic dedication and loyalty to IOWD. Their passion for learning is beautiful!! It has been a pleasure and an honor for IOWD to have them on our team.

Bravo also to Dr. Christian Umuhoza, the Generalist at Kibagabaga Hospital, who has worked with IOWD’s Pediatrician, Dr. Michael Yaker and Neonatalogist, Dr. Tyler Hartman. Dr. Christian has been accepted into the Rwandan Pediatric Residency Program…he is on the way to fulfilling a goal to become a Pediatrician.

Time moves on, and so do some of our Rwandan doctors. Dr. Ramses is working at Muhima Hospital, and although he doesn’t have time to work with fistula program, he does continue to work side by side with IOWD Ob/Gyn doctors who join Ramses at Muhima. Dr. Sadoscar has returned to his country, Burundi, to work at the Military Hospital…but Sadoscar ALWAYS makes the long drive to Kigali, three times a year, to work with the IOWD teams at Kibagbaga Hospital. Both Ramses and Sadoscar constantly relate stories of successful surgeries that they are performing during the year….and express their gratitude to IOWD doctors for teaching so many skills that allow for these successes. Dr. Victor is now with the Ministry of Health and Dr. George is completing his second year in the Residency program.

We are delighted to announce that new Rwandan doctors have joined the IOWD fistula teams: Dr. Jean Kalibushi, an Obstetrician/ Gynecologist, and Dr. Ntwali Ndizeye and Dr. Venant Niyikiza. Most recently, Dr. Martin Ndayishimiye has come onboard…the latter three doctors are in the Ob/Gyn Residency Program. During 2013, Dr. Ntwali, whom we call Papy, has taken on the responsibility of checking on the patients after we leave Rwanda…and reporting weekly on their progress. He calls the patients that have been sent home already…and checks to see that they are well. This continuation of patient care, even after we leave the country, is outstanding!

We have been very fortunate to have Rwandan medical students working with us in all aspects of the fistula program. Each student interviews the patients, translates for the examining doctors, brings patients to the operating rooms, observes during surgeries and participates in “rounds” every day, again translating for the attending doctors. The students talk to every single patient, explaining the surgeries and the post operative care including what the patient has to do, or not do, when they leave the hospital. Of course, they also spend time comforting and reassuring the patients. All the students work extremely hard, and are constantly learning. Our team members thoroughly enjoy teaching and working with these very enthusiastic future doctors. Unquestionably, our teams could not function as well as they do without our fabulous medical students!!

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