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Since April 2010, IOWD teams have traveled to Rwanda 14 times. Although many prospective patients live in the capital of Kigali, others have traveled for hours from the rural areas, seeking help. We have examined more than 1300 women at Kibagabaga Hospital. Every woman who shows up at Kibagabaga is examined. During our 2-week visits, we have been able to perform 489 surgical procedures.

Not only do our surgeons repair the fistulas, but more often than not, the doctors need to perform a 2nd operation to repair stress incontinence (leakage through the urethra) in the same patient, once the fistula is closed. Frequently, the damage is so extensive that IOWD surgeons must reconstruct the entire anterior vaginal wall, bladder neck and urethra, and sometimes they must move ureters to a new position.

Since we started our program at Kibagabaga Hospital, approximately 1,313 women have shown up for help. Each woman or child is examined; some are scheduled for surgery; others, who are too severely damaged internally, cannot be helped, and are sent home. It is clearly a very difficult decision, and a sad one...but we realize that not every person will benefit from surgery.

In Kibagabaga Hospital, King Faisal Hospital, Kanombe Military Hospital and Rwamagana Hospital, our doctors are lecturing, performing surgeries and mentoring young doctors. Because we return to Rwanda three times a year, we are building relationships with the medical staff at all four hospitals, making each trip better than the one before.

The pictures below, and throughout the website, tell the stories of our work in Rwanda.

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Mid wife Grace with very happy patient.

Fabulous Rwandan Medical Students Patrick, Athanase and Jackson

Some of the April team

Dr. Alphonse showing off the new curtains, donated by IOWD, for the delivery room at Kibagabaga Hospital

Mid-wife Immaculee, Medical student Athanase and Social worker, Scholast

Medical Student Carin and Dr. Liz interviewing a patient

IOWD team and Kibagabaga Nurses

Rwandan Dr. Denis, assisting in surgery

IOWD and Rwandan Anesthetists preparing patient for surgery

IOWD Nurse Marie with a patient

Patients posing for camera!

Dr. Stacey and Dr. Ramses performed a
very difficult cesarean section on this patient in 2013. The young woman
returned to say hello and offer her thanks to the doctors... and show off her beautiful baby.

Dr. Jeff and Rwandan medical student, Axelle, with their patient

Drs. Roberta, Sharon, Briana and Denis, a wonderfully skilled Rwandan doctor

Very happy patients

Dr Peter and Dr. Saifuddin in surgery

Dr. Star and medical student, Allison, talking to the patients.

Professor Janet taking patient’s blood pressure.

February team members

Patients waiting to be examined

Drs. Linda, Corinne, Dave and Moise

Anesthesia team: Jessica, Kathryn, Dr. David, Janet, Rachael and Leona

Dr. David and Nurse at Kanombe Military Hospital

Patients and their laundry

Nurse Clementine keeping precise medical records

Medical student Patrick and Dr. David talking to patient about anesthesia for her surgery.

Drs. Ariane, Michael, Alain and medical student Athanase

Dr. George working with Rwandan doctors

Medical student, Jackson,with patients

Anesthesiologist, Dr. Christian, teaching Rwandan nurse how to give a caudal injection

Dr. Christian playing with patient

Dr. Ntwali examined the patient and recorded her medical information

Roomful of doctors and nurses listening to Dr. David's lecture

Medical student, Axelle, interviewing a patient

Anesthesiologist, Dr. Aditya, and anesthesia nurses, Jennifer and Ange

Dr. George receiving a special dose of hand sanitizer.

Patients and Barbara

Dr. David Glazier

Dr. Joan and Dr. Jean Kalibushi with patients

Medical student Basile, Dr. Bethan and Clementine

Dr. Bethan, Dr. Abner and Dr. Sadoscar

Dr. Jean, Basile, Dr. Victor, Axelle, Athanase and Jackson

Dr. Bethan with patient's baby

After 10 years of working with IOWD, we finally have a photo of Dr./Professor Ralph Chesson

Dr. IOWD Pediatric Urology team, Dr. Africa, Dr. Sara and Dr. Dave

A happy patient with Dr. Dave

Dr. Sara and Dr. Dave with King Faisal staff

Dr. Nicole, Dr. Blair and Dr. Star

CRNA Erin and CRNA/Professor Janet

Patients waiting for surgery

Dr. Dave's patient

Dr. Linda, Dr. Jessica and Dr. Ramses

Professor Janet donating a laryngoscope set to Kibagabaga's Anesthesia staff

Caitlin, Hazel, Cynthia and Darlene and Laura

Dr. Jessica Salak with Maternity Nurses at Kibagabaga Hospital

Dr. Sadoscar presenting Barbara with a beautiful gift.

Dr. Mark Hathaway operating with Rwandan doctors at Muhima Hospital

Dr. Kalibushi with a fistula patient's baby.

Dr. Stacey discussing a case with Dr. Albert

Dr. Mark, Dr. Gilbert and Dr. Stacey

Physical Therapist, Mary McVearry, with some of her patients

Mary with her Physical Therapy students

Dr. Venant, Dr. Briana and Dr. Roberta on rounds with fistula patients.

Kibagabaga staff modeling their new scrubs, a gift from IOWD.

Pediatrician, Dr. Teresa and Dr. Jocelyn at Muhima Hospital

Physical Therapists Mary McVearry and True Hampton with Therapy staff at King Faisal Hospital. Jean Damascene Gasherebuka (in army fatigues) is the Director of Physical Therapy at King Faisal Hospital and Kanombe Military Hospital.

Dr. Linda, Dr. Josh, Nurse Danielle and Mid-wife Edie

Dr. Bethan and Medical student, Darlene.

Dr. Bethan with patient immediately after surgery.

Dr. Sharon with her patient.

Dr. Bethan and Dr. Abner.

Dr. Joan with her patient.

Dr. Sadoscar with Dr. Abner.

Dr. Suzanne and Head Midwife, "Mama" Rose.

IOWD team members attend the wedding of Kibagabaga's OR Nurse, Aloys and his beautiful bride, Alice.

Patient with Anesthetist Jennifer Buchanan.

Anesthetists Jaclyn and Jennifer.

Jaclyn and Jennifer with a very happy patient.

Nurse Robin with a patient's baby.

April's Anesthesia team.

Rwandan Nurse, Benjamin, giving new baby special gifts knitted by American women.

Rwandan Nurse, Benjamin, giving a fistula patient her medicines.

Dr. Claudia and Barbara with members of the Parliament.

Dr. Briana with a plastic form of a pelvis, which was used for teaching anatomy.

A very busy operating theater!

Dr. Liz and Dr. Sharon with Rwandan nurses.

Dr. Stacey with a patient's child. Nurse Reginald is in the background.

Dr. Richard Garfinkel, Retina specialist, is giving IOWD donated medicine to Dr. Christian, Director of Kibagabaga Hospital.

Dr. Melanie offering candy to school children.

Nurse Reginald, Dr. Eric and IOWD
Dr. Kavita.

Marco, Dr. Claudia, a Rwandan friend, Charles, Dr. Patrick, Dr. Sallis and Dr. Rob.

Pediatric Urologist, Dr. Dave, with a successful surgical patient.

Dr. Blair entering patient information
while Dr. Mama studies patient chart.

Rwandan and IOWD Anesthesia Nurses.

Dr. Eric with a patient.

Dr. Stacey offering a bracelet to a patient at Kibagabaga.

Dr. Stacey and Dr. George at Muhima District Hospital.

Dr. Joan, Dr. Star and Dr. Peter.

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