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IOWD Launches Hand Sanitizer Program at Kibagabaga District Hospital


A new program was initiated at Kibagabaga Hospital by Suzy Arencibia, RN. A World Health Organization based Hand Sanitizer program was developed and presented to Dr. Osee Sebatunzi, Director of Kibagabaga Hospital, and Dr. Alphonse Umugire, Clinical Director and chief administrator for the fistula program, at the beginning of the mission. Policy and procedures, visual aids, videos, dispensing equipment and hand sanitizer itself were prepared and presented to the hospital with the intention of beginning a 8 month trial of the program. IOWD funded the acquisition of the trial period hand sanitizer, with the desired outcome being that the government will continue to support the initiative after reviewing infection rate decreases at the end of the trial. On two days during the mission, the program was presented to the hospital staff during morning meeting. The concept was met with positive feedback and the staff had thoughtful questions and suggestions that enhanced the presentation. We are confident that the Kibagabaga Hospital staff will support the program and become the model for the rest of the hospitals and health centers in Rwanda. With support from the hospital administrators, as well as the Minister of Health, we expect to see the hospital acquired infection rate decrease significantly in a few short months. The success of the program will, in turn, save the hospital and the ministry significant financial and manpower resources, as patients avoid extended hospital stays and readmissions for infection.

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