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IOWD Donates Glostavent Anesthesia Machine and Clothes Dryer to Kibagabaga District Hospital


IOWD donated a beautiful new Glostavent anesthesia machine to Kibagabaga Hospital. It arrived from England on the first day of 2014. The Chief Engineer of Diamedica, the manufacturer, flew to Rwanda to teach the Kibagabaga staff how to use and care for the machine. He was surprised at the fabulous turn out of staff members at his teaching session! The machine is a wonderful addition for the anesthesia team at Kibagabaga..and an absolutely joyous piece of equipment for the IOWD anesthesia teams. Bravo to the Kibagabaga Anesthesia staff for taking such good care of the machine!!

In May, Kibagabaga received a brand new commercial sized dryer for their laundry. IOWD purchased the dryer in Nairobi and had it trucked through Uganda and into Kigali. The machine is manufactured by the American Dryer Corporation, out of Falmouth, Massachusetts. When the company was contacted to let them know their equipment was now in Kibagabaga Hospital, ADC representative, Ray, sent all booklets that pertain to the use of the machine, the installation and it’s care. Ray notified the Executives of ADC and they graciously donated hundreds of dollars-worth of spare parts for the machine!!! Now, that’s America at its best!! IOWD and the Kibagabaga staff thank Ray for his determination to offer the best of service to Kibagabaga Hospital, and to ADC for their generosity and personal care.

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